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NEWS 3/4/2012
US Grappling Tournament in Rockville, MD

Shingitai_Jujitsu image
Coach Doc Sobel - Eric Kronstadt - Coach Mike Hallman Eric, Ray, Harry and Matt who all placed!!!
Starting a fight camp for Eric this week for a fight Apr 28.

NEWS 3/3/2012

The Yorkville Judo club entered 24 players in the
Barrington Judo Club invitational tournament
last Sunday 2/28/12 at Lake Zurich IL.

The club won 5 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze medals
and 5 fourth places

Out Of 200 competitors


Alex Sigwerth
Kelly Knauf
Alex Knauf
Michael Golden

Sara Golden

Jacob Kuntzendorf
Andrew Undesser
Charlie Poppen
Josh Smart
Randi Mc Canine
Chuck Wollenweber

Ricky Undesser
Alex Knauf
Clay Smoczynski
Ethan Eckardt,
Ashley Kingberg
Lars Sieburg
Ben Smart
Paul Files
Gloria Sigwerth - Chris Sigwerth - Adam Eckardt
Tyler Kingberg - Mathieu Adams
Cody Mowrer
The Shingitai Jujitsu Association
2012 The Yorkville Judo club WOULD LIKE TO SAY AWESOME JOB
NEWS MARCH 2 /2012

     Chris Heckadon, Derrick Darling and Andre Coleman
(along with non-SJA member Chris Weerts)
represented the USA at the Pan American Judo Union Masters' Championships
Dec. 9, 2011 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Steve Scott went along as the team's coach.

     All four athletes won gold medals in their respective age/weight categories
and the USA Team placed second overall in the team standings.
     Noteworthy are the performances of Chris Heckadon who won the 36-40 age group in the 160 pound class

Derrick Darling who won the 30-35 age group, also in the 160 pound class.
Chris hammered his opposition, winning his 3 matches in convincing style
and pinning his opponent in the championship match.

Derrick Darling's opponent from the Dominican Republic
 in the final did not tap out in time from Derrick's juji gatame,
and the arm was either broken or badly dislocated.

We don't want anyone injured, but that was one mean juji gatame.

     Shingitai athletes compete in a variety of combat sports,
from judo to various forms of submission grappling, BJJ and MMA, 
continually proving that the Shingitai approach to training is successful.

NEWS February 24th 2012

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Shingitai Spring Training Camp
NEWS JANUARY 27th 2012

2011 WOMAA World Martial Arts Games in Cardiff, Wales this past August

Wyatt Ohle
winning the Teen Category
with Juji Gatame

Eric McIntosh winning the heavyweight no gi grappling category with Ude Garami Jake Pursely pinning
an opponent in freetyle judo
Shingitai_jujitsu_Coach_Steve_Scott_Wales Shingitai_Jujitsu_Wyatt_Ohl_Juji_Gatame image image
Derrick Darling winning
the middleweight gi grappling category with a toehold
Josh Henges doing Juji Gatame on his opponent in no gi grappling. Jarod Fobes winning
the Amateur MMA category
setting his opponent up for a toehold
Shingitai_jujitsu_WOMAA_Ken_coaching_Scot image image image

Great Day For Shingitai Jujitsu and the USA
Wyatt Ohle Throwing Hara Goshi Derrick Darling going for
Toe Hold
image image image

Shingitai Jujitsu athletes represented the USA at the 2011 WOMAA World Martial Arts Games in Cardiff, Wales this past August

The World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes (WOMAA) holds a martial arts festival and games each year, usually in Europe.
This past year, athletes representing 17 or 18 countries competed. 

Competition is in various styles of karate, kung fu, kickboxing and other striking styles, including sparring and kata.
The WOMAA Games also featured grappling and sport jujitsu.

This past year, they also included a freestyle judo tournament as well.

     Our SJA athletes really represent SHINGITAI and themselves by winning quite a few medals in a lot of different disciplines 

     Our USA Shingitai Team dominated the gi and no gi grappling, sport jujitsu and MMA categories,
as well as the freestyle judo tournament.
   Derrick Darling and Steve Scott were inducted into the WOMAA Hall of Fame for 2011.
  The WOMAA graplling rules are really pretty good and allow for both standing and groundfighting situations. Also, the sport jujitsu that is done in WOMAA is really something that a lot of Shingitai people should look into. It's a lot of fun and includes striking, kicking, throws and groundfighting...something that we do a lot in Shingitai!
    We will be hosting some WOMAA/SJA tournaments in the Kansas City area in 2012, so if anyone is interested in getting involved, please contact John Saylor.
We would like to have more Shingitai athletes compete in the WOMAA Games,
including some of the striking, kickboxing and karate events (in both sparring and kata)
as well as more athletes in the grappling categories.

NEWS 3/18/2011
John Saylor teamed up with Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell
To Reveal the Truth About What ItTruly Takes To Create Champions.

John lectured on the effects of General Physical Preparedness (G.P.P.)
and the development of Sports Specific Preparedness (S.S.P.)
He addressed conditioning and restoration.
How to use wave periodization according to heart rate, and your level of physical preparedness.
John discussed the four periods of training,
from accumulation, intensification, transformation, and delayed transformation leading in competition.

NEWS 12/4/2010

Knife and Control Seminar with Dr. Scott Sobel and John Saylor
Saturday December 4th, 2010

You will learn:

*Lethal and Non-Lethal Knife Targeting.

*Cutting-edge knife vs. knife tactics.
*How to survive a knife attack empty handed.
*How to select the best fighting knives.
*Secrets of lightning-fast blade deployment.
*Legal Issues regarding use of the knife.
         *How to control and restrain an adversary like the professionals. And much more…..

Who: Dr. Scott Sobel: Guru Tua (Senior Instructor) in Pentjak Silat. 4th Dan Aikido.
          John Saylor: 3-time U.S. National Judo Champion, Head Coach,
           U.S. National Judo Training Squad at the Olympic Training
          Center (1983-1990). 7th dan Shingitai Jujitsu.

Barn of Truth Dojo, 3992 Hunter Rd., Perrysville, OH 44864. 11 am to 4 pm

Cost: $60 for Shingitai Members. $70 for Non-Members.
           Price includes meal after seminar.

HOT NEWS....... 8/22/2010
Steve Scott
Steve Scott

Congrats to Steve Scott and his fighters from Welcome Mat Judo / Shingitai Jujitsu
His guys just won Gold at the World Martial Arts Games in Kilarney, Ireland
with 28 other nations competing


Derrick Darrling Josh Henjes Jake Pursley
Derrick Darling - 171lbs
won 3 gold in submisison grappling
("gi" and "no gi") and sport jujitsu
Josh Henjes - 194lbs
3 golds in submission grappling
("gi and "no gi") and sport jujitsu

Jake Pursley - 205 lbs
Gold in sumbission grappling "gi",
Silver in submission grappliong "no gi"
and Bronze in sport jujitsu
UniqueTraining Session
September 23rd - 24th - 25th

Just a note to announce a unique training session with Steve Scott and myself (John Saylor), Sean Daugherty and Michael Hallman.
It all started when my good friend Steve Scott called and asked if he and a handful of his students could come out to
The Barn of Truth for a training session.
Several of his guys had just won gold medals in the jujitsu portion of the World Martial Arts Championships in Killarney, Ireland and they were fired up to train.
After Steve and I kicked the idea for a training camp around for awhile we decided it would be a good idea to open it to the entire Shingitai family.

Steve and his guys will be making the 15 hour road trip to the Barn on Wednesday September 22, 2010. Training will start Thursday September 23rd and will go through 4 pm on Saturday September 25th. Thursday will be a little less formal and will include workouts in the weight room and on the mat, followed by instruction. Saturday’s session will run from 10 am through 4 pm and will be a seminar. Even more important than the knowledge and skills you will learn are the new friendships you will develop. There will be a campfire and dinner after Saturday’s seminar. ….   Don’t Miss out!

News.... 8/29/2010
Kelly Worden........ Martial Arts Innovator Extraordinaire Kelly Worden
News.... 8/22/2010
Congrats to Sean Daugherty
Who won his kick boxing match Friday night.
It's been 10 years since he stepped into the ring.
Sean Daugherty Sean Daugherty
News.... 8/15/2010
Congrats to Rodger Frydrychowski who won his MMA Cage Match Rodger Frydrychowski
News.... 8/11/2010
Congrats! to friends of Shingitai Jujitsu
Mickey Scodova and his Fighter
Chaise N

He is the new 2010 National Junior Golden Gloves Champion at the 95lb. weight class

Chaise Nelson
News.... 5/18/2010

We Would Like to say thanks to all the
Shingitai Warriors who came out and helped


We Had An Awesome

Instructor's College


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