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Exercise Equipment

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A ground based standing back extension machine
that works the back just like a good morning
or romanian deadlift.
It is adjustable
for all sized athletes.

A simple rack with that is
43? across and 30? deep.
This does not include
weight holders.
Usually in stock and ships within 3 business days!!
Unit must be bolted
to the floor
Back Attack $ 3,350.00 Power Rack $655.00 + $150.00 Shipping
Tremendous for building
takeoff and landings.
By adding weight it changes mass and by adding bands it changes velocity for over speed eccentrics.
It is tremendous for explosive strength.LxWxH: 102?x51?x75?Ship Weight=820 lbs.

This apparatus allows a person to get a full squat workout in the legs and glut area without putting a bar on your back. (Belt included)
Can be used with a box or full squats.LxWxH: 84?x47?x68?

Ship Weight: 690 lbs.

Plyo Swing $2,799.00 + $400.00 S&H Belt Squat Machine $2,800 + $250.00 S&H



A machine that is a must for building development of the
Glutes, Hamstrings, and Calves. Comes with a full size pad,
3 feet wide, and it is fully
adjustable to fit anyone.
Ship Weight= 395 lbs.
Decompresses the spine and has no vertical compression on the spine at all .
Allows for dynamic strength development in the concentric phase, while serving
as a rehabilitation
Glute Ham Machine $1200.00 + $200.00 S&H Pro Reverse Hyper $1,440.00
It’s lightweight and can be used with a belt or to hold to.
This sled uses Olympic plates which are great for building lower and upper body strength.

A great piece of equipment to
build shoulder and upper body size
and strength.

Includes a FREE T-Bar and a
V-Handle. A $140.00 value!!

Pulling Sled $149.95 S&H + a free 16' strap Grappler $300 + $75 S&H
The Zercher has
two adjustments on it
that gives it
front squat availability
but Zerchers
are its main exercise.
Our Deadlift Jack makes loading and unloading
the bar easy.
Just hook it under the bar and pull back on the handle. Add your plates then raise the handle to put the par back on the ground.
Zercher Harness $260 (Includes Shipping) Deadlift Jack $150.00 + 45.00 S&H

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