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"If your goal is to learn how to survive in an increasingly dangerous world, you can't choose a better teacher than John Saylor."

John Evon, 5th Degree Black Belt, Hapkido
1st Degree Black Belt, Jujitsu

"Would you listen to a person who has 50 years of martial arts experience? I'm that person. What if I told you I know a person who always has something to teach me? So, when do you think the best time would be to meet John Saylor?"

Peter Ragnar

Dear John,

"What is truly remarkable to me is the way you are able to find true warriors who are willing to teach with no trace of ego or superiority. I believe this speaks volumes of your character. I can see and understand that you love what you are doing, but ultimately it is a business. In business there is no greater testimonial than a repeat customer. I can assure you that I will be the proverbial bad penny (always turning up) at every camp that I can."

Michael Miller
Schererville, IN



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